MKE WEEK 4 It’s been more like a decades or more that’s gone by this week, worlds of shifts, still shifting, the readings, ALL of them, oh I cannot even pin point any part separate from the rest, has been remarkable, to say the least. The shifting does its own thing, I observe, not alwaysContinue reading “MKE WEEK 4”

Master Keys Week2

Hello Again Well this week like last week feels like a whole year rather than a few days, the waves of emotions, learnings, enjoyment, touches of pure joy. It feels like I’ve been led to this, the MKMMA, whether it’s my creation, or that of the creator’s kindness, I couldn’t tell and of course it’sContinue reading “Master Keys Week2”

Week 1 – B

It is as I would communicate with my heart. After all, isn’t it? I have striven and screamed and cried and begged to live with the true freedom of my heart for many years now. It seems to have been my life’s mission coz even when I wasn’t screaming I was restless. A lot hasContinue reading “Week 1 – B”

Master Key Experience

Im excited to get started. Nervous though, seems like an inner saboteur at play. Every step, filling in application form, which has disappeared again and doesnt recognise my email again, now this page, hope its finally right. You know what, Im keeping on keeping on coz I’m there, right, entering this arena of just commencingContinue reading “Master Key Experience”


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